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Body mind soul

Just as the importance of taking care of the body, so that it may function appropriately, so that it may serve you…

We know the importance of taking care of the body. We choose to do the thing that feels healthier than the thing that feels indulgent, and we feel better. Our body is more able to serve us in the world. Here, we place equal, if not slightly more, importance on the mind, heart and soul. We know now that we need integrative healing. There is a lens through which we see and react to the world. It is called our personality. Your personality is not as solid as you may think it is. Personality is acollection of learned emotional reactions and habitual thought patterns, covering our deepest fears and desires. The crucial thing is this: once we can see the lens through which we are looking at and reacting to the world, we have the power to change it. You no longer need to be enslaved to the way you habitually feel and think.  Wherever we pour our energy will sprout roots and grow. Another way to say this is whatever we put our attention on will feel loved and expand. Let’s make that you.

It’s important to understand where we are coming from.

  • Our conditioned emotional reactions

  • Our core wounds

  • Our deepest fears

  • Our innermost desires

This is an uncovering process. Once we peel back the layers, creation/blooming/growth can naturally occur.

Sometimes, we all need someone to talk to.

Welcome. Here, we focus on balanced, integrative healing and growth.


Discover Your Path to Wellness and Transformation Welcome to your healing space, where your journey to self-discovery and healing begins. We understand that embarking on a therapeutic journey is a personal and courageous decision, and were here to support you every step of the way.


We believe in a holistic approach to well-being. Our therapeutic services are designed to address the mind, body, and spirit, fostering a harmonious balance for overall wellness.

Whether you are navigating life's challenges, seeking personal growth, or striving for a deeper connection with yourself, we are here to guide you.



I used to be in a rigorous academic program, aiming to achieve the most advanced research degree. But there was a part of me that felt restless, like it wasn’t fully right. I refused to listen to that feeling. I wanted success, and at that time, success to me meant having a doctorate, and license - lots of money and prestige.


But that feeling, it kept growing. It felt like restlessness, unnecessary irritability, burn out, claustrophobia, living for the weekend. Eventually, I ended up leaving that program in a painful way. Looking back, I believe it was painful for me because I refused my soul’s call for too long. So, the universe had to shove me.

This life change forced me to strip everything down, including my ideas of what a successful life for me should look like - really look at myself and how all of my shoulds were stopping me from really living. From actually feeling happy or peaceful.

At the time, it felt like my deepest, most devastating loss. From here, I can see it was the start of my most beautiful transformation. This painful process helped to purify me. I learned to embrace the life that was calling to me. I want to help you do this, too.

Casey Fiume M.S

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