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I used to be in a rigorous academic program, aiming to achieve the most advanced research degree. But there was a part of me that felt restless, like it wasn’t fully right. I refused to listen to that feeling. I wanted success, and at that time, success to me meant having a doctorate, and license - lots of money and prestige.


But that feeling, it kept growing. It felt like restlessness, unnecessary irritability, burn out, claustrophobia, living for the weekend. Eventually, I ended up leaving that program in a painful way. Looking back, I believe it was painful for me because I refused my soul’s call for too long. So, the universe had to shove me.

This life change forced me to strip everything down, including my ideas of what a successful life for me should look like - really look at myself and how all of my shoulds were stopping me from really living. From actually feeling happy or peaceful.

At the time, it felt like my deepest, most devastating loss. From here, I can see it was the start of my most beautiful transformation. This painful process helped to purify me. I learned to embrace the life that was calling to me. I want to help you do this, too.

Casey Fiume, M.S


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