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Couples Coaching

Oftentimes, our romantic/close relationship is our most sacred, as well as the source of most of our strife. Sometimes, we feel anxious in our relationships. Sometimes, we want to control our partners’ behavior in order to feel more safe.


Couples coaching can be a place where we learn to deeply understand our partners, and ask responsibly for what we need. Our romantic relationship can be a place of great peace and inspiration. It can also be the birthplace of our creativity and personal growth. 

In coaching, you may learn how to recognize some ways of being (moving from a place of bitterness, resentment, or jealousy) that may no longer be serving you. Coaching can help you build the relationship that you and your partner want, full of deep understanding and love.


"Practicing love often means feeling through fear: intentionally opening yourself when you would rather close down, giving yourself when you would rather hide." 

- David Deida

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