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Coaching Packages & Pricing

Journey Within

8 Sessions - $108 per session

This package is available for shorter term goals,

psycho education, and receiving tools and techniques that

will assist you in creating more life satisfaction.

Journey Home

18 Sessions - $90 per session

This commitment yields the most fulfilling and

transformative results. Through our work together, you will

get to know yourself at the deepest level, and creating

lasting, positive change in your life.

Journey To Yourself

12 Sessions - $95 per session

This package will help you to reach a greater level of peace

within yourself, and have you moving with more

empowerment in your relationships, career & life.

Single Sessions


In a single session we will get to 

know one another and identify

what you are searching for.

Payment Options:

Payment is accepted through Paypal at:

You may:

(1) Pay in full

(2) Pay monthly, for 4 sessions per month

(3) Pay per session

Please note:

My pricing reflects my belief in this process. It is

my experience that the power of coaching/therapy to open

you to the deepest truths within grows exponentially with

each session. The real power lies in the relationship we

create and cultivate together. As trust is built, vulnerability

becomes easier, and the spark of transformation begins to

ignite. But we must consistently stoke this fire. You reach

your highest guidance within through consistent and honest

coaching. These prices are a testament to the

transformation I know is possible through this process,

which is why the more sessions you book, the greater the

discount you receive per session.

Cancellation policy for appointments:

If, for any reason. you are not able to make the session, please cancel 24 hours before the scheduled time. Cancellation within the 24 hour

window is subject to a charge of half the fee for the session

Cancellation policy for packages: Cancellation of a

package is accepted up until the end of the 2nd session for a

refund. minus the fee of the two sessions. Cancellation after

the 2nd session is not subject to a refund.

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