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3 Day Foundational Course

Transformative Communication & Self-Empowerment Experience


A 3-day adventure in conscious living, daring communication and bold self-exploration


Early Bird Price $599 until July 1st, 2022

Regular investment $649


Do you feel like you want deeper connection in your relationships? 

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the only one who’s working at having a healthy relationship? Whether it be with your partner, your family or your friends.

Does it sometimes feel like you’re the only one who is trying to be responsible in your relationships? That you have to be the one who holds space, who takes care, but you aren’t getting the same effort in return?

You’re not alone in this, but I’m sure it feels like you are. You want more depth, more honesty, more intimacy. You may even want to be the one who feels sheltered for once. 

The good news is - you can have these things, pretty easily, with some training. You have the power to transform your relationships and fully receive what you’re needing. 

The Satvatove seminars are pretty much always described as life changing experiences. The basis is self-realization, and empowered communication. Coming home from these seminars, you will feel on fire with inspiration and equipped with the tools necessary to create the exact life you’re wanting. As you deepen into your knowing of yourself, you will naturally transform your relationships in uniquely satisfying ways. 

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Foundational Seminar

Join us July 22-24, 2022 in Miami, FL for our 3 Day Foundational Seminar.

Early Bird Price $599 until July 1st, 2022

Regular Investment: $649

Advanced Seminar

Join us October 1-7, 2022 in Miami, FL for our 7 Day Advanced Seminar.

Early bird registration $2,700 until Sept 1st, 2022

Regular price $3,000

Foundational +Advanced Seminar

Combined-course early bird registration $3,100 until July 1st, 2022

Regular price $3,400

Send a message to 786-306-2727 or if you’d like to discuss more in depth how these seminars can be specifically helpful for you.
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